From well-being comes beauty

Kiotis perfume

From well-being comes beauty

Created by Jacques Rocher in 2001, Kiotis uses precious natural concentrates with exceptional properties as the active ingredients in its products: essential oils.

Thanks to its scientific expertise and know-how in the field of cosmetology, Kiotis harnesses the power of essential oils for a unique, effective beauty experience that is pleasing to the senses.

Convinced that well-being is a source of beauty, Kiotis creates gentle, generous cosmetics, offering well-being to both body and mind. Our sensory products draw their efficacy from the incredible richness of essential oils.

Every gesture and ritual offers women a wealth of sensations, an intense emotional experience that makes them want to savor the moment.

Kiotis thus reveals the unique beauty of every woman.

Trust and complicity

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Trust and complicity

Since time began, women have passed on their beauty secrets. This is the conviction underpinning the direct selling distribution model, combining advice and demonstrations, used by Kiotis. The Kiotis spirit is shared, exchanged and brought to life day-to-day by a community of beauty consultants and customers, founded on trust and complicity.

For me, exchange and friendliness are strong values that allow to establish relationships based on trust and complicity.

Jacques Rocher

Les huiles essentielles, les actifs précieux des plantes aromatiques.

Reconnus depuis l’Antiquité pour leurs propriétés exceptionnelles, ces actifs naturels offrent bien-être au corps et à l’esprit. Chez Kiotis, nous revisitions cette tradition dans des soins cosmétiques efficaces et respectueux de la peau. Dans une volonté permanente d’innovation, notre laboratoire veille à cultiver ce savoir-faire exigeant. Minutieusement dosées et assemblées, nos huiles essentielles deviennent des actifs cosmétiques particulièrement efficaces.

Parce que les huiles essentielles sont sources de performance et de sensorialité, en elles résident l’expertise et l’essence même de Kiotis.

The Kiotis Commitment


The Kiotis Commitment

  • 100% pure and natural essential oils (undiluted by other essential oils or the addition of synthetic products), not derived from transgenic (GM) plants.
  • A thorough testing process, from formulation through to the finished product.
  • Respectful of nature and the environment, refusing to use any essential oils derived from endangered plant species.
  • Respectful of animals, with no animal testing of products.
  • Environmental certification of production plants: since the end of 2008, 100% of production and packaging sites in Europe have been ISO 14001 certified.