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Dematerialization of supplier invoices !

Dear Suppliers,

You certainly know already that from January 1, 2024, all companies will have to switch to electronic invoicing (incoming dematerialization of invoices).

Now, it’s the right time to prepare the transition from paper to digital invoices!

To be able to manage supplier invoices received electronically, Groupe Rocher has set up a SmartBuy supplier portal with which you are already familiar now. It will allow us to perform the three steps of the dematerialization of the supplier invoice required by the legislation:

1/ The acquisition of the invoice in a digital format.

2/ The validation of the invoice to trigger its payment.

3/ Electronic archiving of the invoice.

In order to facilitate the transition, we invite you to take the first step, namely to switch from paper format to digital format.

We therefore ask you to switch to PDF format (unprotected) starting from now.

This would allow to:

  • Extract all invoicing data such as date, supplier, order references, VAT number, amounts, taxes, currency, detail lines;
  • Ensure data integrity.

And to ensure & facilitate the processing of invoices at the best, please do not forget:

  • The purchase order number must appear on your invoice (in the case you don’t have it, you may indicate the billing entity number and the name of your contact within the Rocher Group)
  • Your invoices must be sent in PDF format (unprotected mode; one single invoice and its appendices per one PDF document)
  • Your invoices must be sent to the unique address  :

The Groupe Rocher Group Procurement Department and Finance Department remain available to help you and answer to your questions.

Thank your in advance for your understanding and your collaboration!

Supplier Code of Conduct

Dear Suppliers,

GROUPE ROCHER's mission is to manage and develop our activities in a responsible and sustainable manner.

As such, GROUPE ROCHER has established the Supplier Code of Conduct which defines fundamental principles in key areas such as human rights, labor rights, environmental protection, anti-corruption and business ethics.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the requirements of the law. By definition, the acceptance of and compliance with its principles is binding on all GROUPE ROCHER Suppliers.

As a GROUPE ROCHER Supplier, we invite you to share our values and conduct your business in accordance with the requirements of the GROUPE ROCHER Supplier Code of Conduct and to maintain high ethical standards wherever you operate.

We thank you for your commitment and contribution to creating a positive social and environmental impact and for being part of the future of responsible business.

Purchasing Department



Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the requirements of the law. By definition, acceptance of and compliance with its principles are binding on all Groupe Rocher Suppliers.

It specifies what we expect from our partners in terms of ethics, particularly in terms of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and environmental protection.


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Ethics line

Adopting and promoting honest and ethical behavior in all partners relations is a strong commitment of Groupe Rocher.

This is why we have decided to formalize and draw attention to everyone to the Groupe Rocher's CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT, which purpose is not to define the Group values ​or HR policy itself.

It aims to describe, within the framework of our various businesses policies, how the Group must conduct its economic and operational activities.

The Code of Business Conduct reminds everyone the existence of the ALERT AND GRIEVANCE COLLECTION SCHEME ( that allows Group employees, suppliers or service providers to raise any situation or  confidential alerts about situations or behaviors in opposition to our ethical principles.

Governance and ethics
Values Group