Our values

Our value-driven group is committed to four ideals that have set us on a course for an adventure like no other

The story of our group is the story of a pioneering family business with deep, sturdy roots founded on four fundamental values shared by all of the group’s brands.


Committed, because we are a family business with a long-term commitment to create a movement and participate in the transformation of the world

Commitment to nature


Respectful, because we have decided to create value for all stakeholders while respecting the world around us

Respect for our communities


Demanding, because creating value is not enough - we must ensure that the value created is within our values

Demanding on value creation


Passionate, because we are a group with a committed mission to reconnect women and men to nature

Passion for well-being

We share common values within our brands, our professions, and in all our actions, both in France and abroad. 

Bris Rocher
CEO of Groupe Rocher

Supporting our teams

Acting in favor of men and women

Groupe Rocher’s success should not be measured by its economic profits alone, but also by its values and the strength of its commitments to all its teams.

These commitments are embodied by 10 principles of responsibility that define social standards respecting the Group’s Code of Business Conduct and its CSR goals. Shared by all the brands and entities worldwide, they establish individual freedoms and rights, social benefits policies, as well as sustainable employability which respects diversity.


The Groupe Rocher's 10 principles of responsibility

1. Prohibit all forms of forced and child labor 

2. Promote dialogue between the social partners 

3. Ensure privacy and data protection  

4. Ensuring health and safety at work  

5. Ensuring well-being  

6. Develop sustainable employability and promote professional development  

7. Ensure a fair remuneration policy and guarantee social benefits 

8. Prevent all forms of harassment and discrimination  

9. Promote inclusive diversity  

10. Ensure respect for all and healthy working relationships 

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