Promoting and providing nature experiences

Experiencing nature, the core of our mission

Groupe Rocher gives to all its teams around the world the opportunity to live out their social and environmental commitments on a daily basis thanks to its internal mobilization program.

In 2022, around 30 sites have responded to the call to organize awareness-raising actions around the Mission-driven Company, in particular with their teams living nature experiences on their site or with local partners:

  • Meaningful sensory experiences: Walking in the forest in China, Poland, France;


  • Experiences to preserve natural environments: Waste collection in France, Mexico, Thailand or Israel; Construction of nesting boxes and insect hotels in Germany or France;


  • Educational and concrete experiences: Planting and gardening in Italy, Morocco, Turkey or Portugal; Training with beekeepers and activities to discover the wild fauna and flora in Belgium or in France; Sports activities in contact with natural elements in Spain or Sweden.


A key indicator: the Rocher barometer

Groupe Rocher has launched its own "Reconnect People to Nature©" Barometer in collaboration with the BVA polling institute. This approach is part of the Group's mission: to reconnect women and men to nature. 

This barometer, launched for the first time in 2019 in 19 countries, enabled us to gain a more precise understanding of how individuals perceive their relationship with nature. The measurement of an individual score on a scale from 0 to10 makes concrete the degree of connection of women and men to nature. This indicator is a combination of 3 criteria: attachment, knowledge and the degree of contact of individuals with nature.

The first part of this barometer launched in France before the lockdown, reveals that the score of French people is 7.07.

Discover the barometer and the experts who contributed to its development.