Reconnect people to nature

Groupe Rocher Barometer Reconnect people to nature©

Created in collaboration with BVA and involving 19,000 citizens in 19 countries, the Barometer demonstrates and quantifies the link between the connection to nature, trust and the daily well-being of citizens.

10 iconic brands

Everyone has a story to tell with one of our brands. A story that changes, that can be passed down. And this has been going on for sixty years.

Four values keep us going and bring us together, naturally

Four values keep us going and bring us together, naturally

Commitment to nature

We are committed to finding and implementing the best possible solutions to reduce our impact on the environment, at every stage of our production process and distribution.

Respect for our communities

We share common values ​​and we are passionate about respecting cultural diversity in our relationships with our suppliers and partners all over the world.

Demanding on on value creation

We are demanding in the outstanding quality of our research and delivery of products and services as well as in the efforts we make to respect the world around us.

Passion for well-being

We have a passion that drives us and can be felt in each and every one of our brands and creates a strong emotional connection with our customers.

Opportunities as great as your talents

Innovating to create products that truly care for our customers and our planet.

🌵 Finding beauty everywhere in nature help us remember why we need to protect it!

What's your favorite tree? We love this multi-trunked tree 😍

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⛵ A few weeks ago, @yvesrocheres teams immersed themselves in an online visit of the eco-active floating museum @matermuseoa of the 2021 Terre de Femmes laureate, Izaskun Suberbiola.

⚓ She shared her passion and commitment to the conservation of the marine world and biodiversity through the initiatives of her association Classes de la Mer.

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Today is World Migratory Bird Day!

🐦 “Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a Bird!” is this year's theme and reminds us to do more to protect birds and nature!

🌿 Many of our sites, including those at La Gacilly, are classified as “Biodiversity Refuge”, in partnership with LPO_officiel. But how exactly?

✅ By preserving local biodiversity
✅ By making our employees sentinels of biodiversity
✅ By meeting birds' needs in and around our sites, thanks to experts from the LPO
And much more!

Photo credit : Emmanuel Berthier
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☀️ Stanislas Duthier, Director of Information Systems, appreciates nature and its ability to bring us closer to one another, soothe us and spend beautiful moments with his family!

🌿 Moreover, the Baromètre @rtnobservatory has taught us that connection to nature has a real positive impact on the well-being of us all.

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🥛 Reuse your old jars to give them a second life!

🌱 Glass jars are reusable in thousands of ways! Aromatic plants pot, candle holder... the ideas are endless!

🧴 Receive a DIY Flowerpot Kit to buy a @sabonfrance body scrub.
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