Educating on nature issues

The Nature Academy

The NATURE ACADEMY, an educational training program for all the group's employees.

Launched in 2020, the Nature Academy is a training program for all our teams worldwide. It reflects our commitment as a Mission-driven Company: to reconnect men and women with nature. 

Its objective: to help people understand the issues related to nature.

Both immersive and theoretical, the Nature Academy is focused on 3 stages:

  • it starts with a reconnection walk organized in a natural environment to experience nature in a sensory way,
  • then in a second stage a collective intelligence workshop led by an internal network of connectors,
  • and finally an online content platform accessible to all our internal communities.

This curriculum offers a wide range of knowledge on the challenges of biodiversity. It aims to:

  •  provide knowledge about nature;
  •  enable our employees to act as ambassadors on the concepts of reconnection with nature;
  •  empower our internal stakeholders to act and adopt initiatives to work on reconnecting people to nature.

Concrete actions within each of our brands 

Bris Rocher

«I expect each brand to make a singular commitment to protect nature and thus be part of our Group's ambition.» 

Bris Rocher
Président du Groupe Rocher


With 60 hectares of organic fields cultivated in agroecology in Brittany and nine emblematic plants UEBT certified* (Roman Chamomile, Matricaria Chamomile, Cornflower, Calendula, Ficoid, Edulis, Nasturtium, Mint and Arnica), the Yves Rocher brand is committed to a process of continuous improvement for a responsible and sustainable sourcing. The Yves Rocher botanical garden shares its research with an international network of botanical gardens.

*Union for Ethical Biotrade





At the heart of the ingredients used in its formulas, the Dr Pierre Ricaud brand offers unique products that combine dermocosmetic active ingredients with the power of medicinal plants (active cosmetic ingredients derived from medicinal plants listed in the pharmacopoeia). All teams are trained to maintain this unique know-how and a platform on the online site allows the brand's customers to learn about the virtues of medicinal plants.




Petit Bateau, which has defined its cause as "Connecting children to nature" linked to the group's mission, supports the French association Water Family, which educates children about the importance of water and campaigns for ecology to become a core subject at school.






The Arbonne brand joined forces with B Corporation Certified beauty industry leaders to form the B Corp Beauty Coalition. The coalition is on a mission to advance industry best practices, empower customers to live more sustainably, and to drive broader industry changes that will improve both social an environmental impact.

Andrea Chase, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Arbonne, has taken on a leadership role in the Coalition and will be Co-Chairing the Greener Logistics group.


Stanhome CSR teams decided to raise awareness among their employees around the world on climate change and organized in October 2022 collaborative experience workshops called “the Climate Fresk” in Paris, Rome, Madrid and Mexico City.

These workshops mobilized the collective intelligence of the group, allowed everyone to take ownership of the subject of global warming and by tracing the links between cause and effect, Stanhome employees were able to take a step back and understand the essentials of the issues at stake so that they could then take action.



Employee mobilization

Internal mobilization program

Groupe Rocher provides to all its teams around the world means to fulfill their social and environmental commitments on a daily basis thanks to the internal mobilization program. 



In 2022, nearly 30 sites responded to the call to organize awareness-raising actions around the Mission Company, in particular by giving their teams nature experiences with local partners: 

  • planting, market gardening or permaculture days in Italy, Morocco, Turkey or Portugal
  • training with beekeepers and activities to discover the wild fauna and flora in Belgium or France
  • sports activities in contact with natural elements in Spain or Sweden
  • building nesting boxes and insect hotels in Germany or France
  • walking in the forest in China or Poland
  • collecting waste in Mexico, Thailand or Israel

Share with other stakeholders

Groupe Rocher acts in favor of biodiversity to protect living organisms by focusing on 2 dimensions:

  1. Acting as an ambassador and contributing to research for a new relationship with natural ecosystems,
  2. Acting responsibly by taking biodiversity into account, since the activities of its brands depend on natural resources and are likely to impact the environment.

For example, Groupe Rocher conducts applied research programs, supports the academic world, and conducts experiments in the field

The large number of its commitments illustrates its ambitions: research on species, ecosystems, soils, the dynamics of living organisms, the subject of accounting to the requirements of sustainable finance, etc. 



Groupe Rocher and its brands develop and strengthen ties with numerous internal and external stakeholders (employees, suppliers, partners, customers, associations, intergovernmental authorities, professional bodies, etc.) in order to continually have the capacity to transform itself. It evaluates its actions, shares its contributions, actively participates in multi-stakeholder working groups and gives its testimony at events (trade shows, conferences, round tables, etc.).

This is the case, for example, for the group's Mission & Impact team in central, which participates in several bodies of the French Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA) on issues of biodiversity, government affairs, plastics, water, etc.

In addition, Groupe Rocher and its brands are involved in initiatives to affirm their convictions and unite other stakeholders around common issues. As such, the group is, for example, a member of the "Company Committed to Nature" initiative led by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), attached to the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

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