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Since the company was founded in 1959, Yves Rocher has succeeded in surrounding itself with sound and committed suppliers to support the growth of a Group now spanning more than 100 countries. Groupe Rocher has over 16,000 employees who are passionate about what they do and share values of commitment, respect, passion and high standards through brands rich in both content and emotion.

This portal is for our suppliers, as well as for any businesses wishing to contribute to and be associated with our success.  We have designed this digital experience as a useful tool to establish a high added value relationship and a valuable and essential place within our ecosystem.

Technical difficulties of setting up the SmartBuy supplier portal

Dear Suppliers,

As previously informed, Groupe Rocher is deploying since several months the supplier portal named “SMARTBUY”.

As you know, this tool aims to guarantee optimized follow-up of the supplier relationship all along the P2P process (Procure to Pay), by putting together in a single application all supplier administrative information, contracts and orders as well as the processing and payment of supplier invoices.

Unfortunately, despite the choice of the best of bread solution on the market, Groupe Rocher is currently encountering unexpected technical difficulties in the implementation of this tool, which could generate for some of our suppliers an abnormal extension of the payment delay of their invoices, which we sincerely regret.

Faced with this situation, our Procurement, Finance and GRTS Departments have set up a Task Force with all the stakeholders (including the publisher and the integrator of the solution). The means put in place by this body aim at restoring the technical performance of the solution as soon as possible in order to pay the overdue invoices as soon as possible and restore normal payment delays for all our suppliers.

Be assured that very significant efforts are currently being deployed by all stakeholders to return to a normal situation which we now hope will be prompt.

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact your privileged contact within the Rocher Group Procurement Department, providing them with the list of invoices whose due dates have expired (with the following information: invoice number / invoice date / amount including tax).

Our Procurement, Finance and GRTS Departments are mobilized to resolve this situation and remain at your disposal to help you.

Deployment of the GROUPE ROCHER Supplier Code of Conduct

Dear suppliers,

At GROUPE ROCHER, our mission is to Reconnect People to Nature. We are committed to managing and developing our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

As such, GROUPE ROCHER is deploying the Supplier Code of Conduct which defines fundamental principles in essential areas, such as human rights, labor law, environmental protection, the fight against corruption and the business ethics.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the spirit and letter of the law. By definition, the acceptance and adherence to its principles is mandatory for all GROUPE ROCHER Suppliers.

In order to accompany our Suppliers in the deployment of the GROUPR ROCHER Supplier Code of Conduct, we propose a 2-step approach:

  • An introductory webinar aiming at presentation of the GROUPE ROCHER Supplier Code of Conduct requirements and expectations. 2 dates will be proposed in early May 2022.
  • A signatory campaign in 2022. For some entities, an electronic signatory campaign supported by the DocuSign tool will be proposed.

As a GROUPE ROCHER Supplier, we invite you to share our values and conduct business in a manner compatible with GROUPE ROCHER Supplier Code of Conduct and maintain high ethical standards wherever you conduct your activities.

We thank you in advance for your commitment and your contribution toward creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Thank you for supporting our Mission Reconnect People to Nature and being a part of the future of responsible business.

Procurement Department,


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