Our purchasing policy

Consolidation of know-how, excellence of products and services, continuous improvement and competitiveness... the Groupe Rocher Purchasing Division builds harmonious forward-looking relationships that are rooted in the here and now with suppliers that are carefully selected on the basis of shared values. 

Preservation of the environment and biodiversity

"We have a supreme duty to our children, our grandchildren and future generations, to leave them a planet like the one we received. We need to return to Nature all that it has given us."- Mr Yves Rocher

We pay special and rigorous attention to each stage in the manufacturing and lifecycles of the Group’s products, from the botanical raw material supply chains to the choice of containers, packaging recycling, etc.

Refusal to engage in any form of concealment or deceit

The Group categorically refuses to be associated with corruption, violation of the law, child labour, undeclared work, harassment, abuse and any form of discrimination, as laid down in our business code of conduct.

Innovation and boldness

"I've never considered the boldness needed to make progress, because there's always something new to drive us to venture further..." Mr Yves Rocher

Innovation and boldness are the two watchwords of the Group. 
Innovation – not just in the products and their ecodesign, but also in the selection of their materials and ingredients. Boldness – notably with the introduction of the blow-moulding of our bottles.

A policy in line with shared values

Act differently
We value innovation and encourage our suppliers to take the initiative and suggest ideas
Give meaning
Our aim is to create a shared supplier ecosystem, with strong societal responsibilities
Generate emotion
Our suppliers work with the Group to create products, thereby forming strong links with our customers

Au cœur du respect de la Nature et de l'Homme

Mission achats & qualité groupe Yves rocher
Mission achats & qualité groupe Yves rocher

The expectations of our customers worldwide are our core focus

Thanks to the control of its distribution channels, Groupe Rocher maintains direct and privileged contact with each of its customers. In 2010, the Group Purchasing Division was created in order to integrate our customers’ desires and expectations right from the product design stage with the desire to offer them increasingly accessible products of irreproachable quality, and which target the highest market standards. 

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