Groupe Rocher & Dons Solidaires, 9 years of collaboration

Since 2015, Groupe Rocher and the Dons Solidaires association have forged strong links of partnership and commitment to solidarity actions. Dons Solidaires plays an important role alongside us by facilitating the distribution of our products to people in need. The Groupe Rocher is working to combat precariousness (physical, hygienic and sanitary) and reduce its environmental impact, by donating its unsold products to associations.

Reaffirming our commitment to their solidarity actions, we made a significant donation in 2023. This included 390 pallets containing over 900,000 hygiene and beauty products from various Groupe Rocher brands, including Yves Rocher and Dr Pierre Ricaud, with a total market value in excess of 13 million euros. 

This illustrates our ongoing commitment to solidarity initiatives, facilitating the distribution of over 1,600,000 products to 635 associations via the Dons Solidaires e-catalogue or directly.

In addition to donating products, employees of the Dr. Pierre Ricaud and Yves Rocher brands get involved several times a year to help out at the warehouse, repackaging donations or preparing kits for vulnerable people. More than 300 employees have taken part in these solidarity initiatives, working alongside Dons Solidaires in the fight against poverty.

To mark the 20th anniversary of Dons Solidaires, a first "Patrons' Club" was launched on 21 March, with the participation of Dr Pierre Ricaud and Yves Rocher France. This event, hosted by Nicolas Houzé, CEO of Galeries Lafayette, in the presence of Bastien Charpentier, Chairman of Dons Solidaires, was an opportunity to celebrate our partnership. It was also an opportunity to bring together the heads of our preferred partners to discuss the challenges of corporate social responsibility and to strengthen our solidarity initiatives.

Groupe Rocher and its brands are committed every day to having a positive impact on our society.