Groupe Rocher and API Green Score

On 11 April, the French city of Rennes hosted a major event in the field of sustainable technology. Organised by Digital4Better, this first MeetUp on the environmental impact of the digital sector was marked by the active participation of the Groupe Rocher, illustrating its commitment to a more responsible digital future.

Yannick Tremblais, IT Innovation Manager at Groupe Rocher, joined Stefan Cosquer, CTO of fruggr by digital4better, to share their expertise on Green IT and the Green Score API. At the heart of the debates, the Green Score API proved to be a promising initiative, with the aim of making APIs* more respectful of the environment.

 "This approach, which forms part of the "Ecodesign of the information system" component of the Groupe Rocher's Responsible Digital Strategy, underlines our commitment. The API Green Score is a toolbox to help eco-design and eco-consume APIs, raising awareness of the materiality of digital technology and promoting more responsible consumption." - Yannick Tremblais

In addition to this initiative, the Groupe Rocher is an active contributor to the API Thinking Collective, where its actions focus on raising awareness, sharing best practice and contributing to Open Source. This collaboration aims to promote a more sustainable digital world, reflecting the Groupe Rocher's desire to preserve the environment while continuing to innovate.

This approach is part of a broader vision of digital responsibility initiated in 2020 by the Groupe Rocher Information Systems Department. The network of 30 mobilised ambassadors testifies to the company's commitment to proactively integrating these practices on a daily basis.

*An API (Application Program Interface) is an intermediary that enables different information systems to communicate effectively, using standardised commands and formats.