World Water Day

Faced with the worsening effects of climate change and population growth, it is vital that we work together to protect and conserve our most precious resource: water. 

Today, World Water Day, organised by the United Nations, celebrates this vital resource and encourages all stakeholders, including businesses, to take action in response to the global water crisis. In particular, this day aims to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6): to ensure access to water and sanitation for all by 2030.

 Water is an essential resource for the production and use of cosmetics, textiles, detergents and nutrition products. Water management is therefore a major concern for the Groupe Rocher at every level of its value chain. Our Water Policy, which applies to all the Group's brands, has been developed around three areas of action:

- Manufacture products that respect water resources;
- Ensure responsible water management at all our sites and reduce our industrial water consumption (m3/t of product) by 30% by 2030 vs. 2019; 
- Work with our suppliers and subcontractors to reduce their impact on water.

The Arbonne brand, which is BCorp certified, has even exceeded its target of reducing water consumption by 20% four years ahead of schedule, thanks to a range of initiatives including employee training, the elimination of certain water uses and investment in closed-circuit cooling water systems. The results include the recovery of around 615 m3 of water by 2023, a 72% reduction in water consumption at the production site and a 73% reduction in total water consumption at all sites compared with the 2019 baseline year.

The Groupe Rocher is committed alongside other players in the French beauty industry and has contributed to the Guide Sobriété Hydrique of the Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté (FEBEA). This guide, the result of collaboration between FEBEA members including the Groupe Rocher, and various stakeholders, promotes water conservation among French cosmetics companies, offering best practices to inspire change and contribute to this collective approach.

Guide to water sobriety: issues and best practices in the cosmetics sector | La FEBEA