The 4 steps
to become a supplier

Step 1

Prospection phase

How about we discuss this in more depth? 

Initial contact is made and the mutual benefits (know-how, competitive advantages, etc.) of collaboration are evaluated 

Step 2

Launch phase

Doing the groundwork... 

Information is collected (financial, organisational, industrial, location, etc.)

The approval process takes place: CSR quality audit of the production site, financial health validation, etc. 

The Groupe Rocher Operations Framework Contract and the Quality and Logistics General Conditions are signed

Step 3

Pilot phase

Everything’s in order, so let’s get started! 

The initial project management begins (contract attribution, NPD process assistance, presentation of the people to contact for operations) 

The deliveries and performance indicator tracking commence

Step 4

Operations phase

The adventure continues...

Deliveries and performance indicator tracking are regular 

There are also frequent business meetings between the various teams 

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