8 reasons to become a supplier

You wish to work with Groupe Rocher? 
There are 8 reasons why you should.

You develop a business with a financially sound family Group, which has steady capital and cares for its ecosystem.
You benefit from the strong international growth of Groupe Rocher and its presence on four purchasing platforms across the world.
You access the growth potential of cross-channel distribution (direct sales, mail-order sales, internet sales, store sales) and a multi-brand Group.
You benefit from access to a distribution network with no intermediaries, giving you a direct view of product contribution / customer insight.
s a Groupe Rocher supplier, you benefit from the image of its high-content brands, which regularly win awards in France and internationally.
You use the Groupe Rocher innovation dynamic as a catalyst for your own innovation.
You benefit from the support of the Group to assist you in your development and skills improvement.
Together with the Groupe Rocher, you develop and disseminate our values regarding respect for nature and humankind.
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