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The Group Ethics Line

All employees or third parties (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) of the Group that are aware or suspect in good faith any irregularity or contravention pertaining to the accounts, financial dealings, acts of corruption, unfair trading or any other act that may be contrary to the Group’s ethical rules are encouraged to contact the Groupe Rocher Ethics Line. All reports will be analysed and the persons tasked with the investigations are subject to a strict non-disclosure agreement. Please write to:

The Code of Business Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Business Conduct is to formally define the reference framework in which Groupe Rocher exercises its activities, and the ethical framework in which all Group employees and third parties must exercise their professional activities on a daily basis.

Each employee must inspire trust and respect through their exemplary conduct in order to fuel responsible and sustainable growth;

Each individual must know and follow this code, irrespective of their position in the company, while also showing thoughtfulness, common sense and good judgement;

Management must be exemplary and committed to the development of a culture of trust and integrity in the Group;

No performance targets must be set or accepted if their achievement involves transgressing the Group’s ethical principles.

The principles that guide our actions and behaviour must honour the commitments made by Groupe Rocher to respect and adhere to:

  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
  • the Conventions of the International Labour Organization,
  • the guidelines of the OECD, in particular regarding the fight against corruption.

The Sustainable Purchasing Policy

This policy is part of the Groupe Rocher Code of Business Conduct and complies with the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter signed by the Group in 2013. It is intended to act as a guide that explains the rules of good conduct that our Purchasing teams and our suppliers must obey. We hold them to the highest ethical standards. This does not only apply to the Buyers themselves, but also to all employees who may take part in the purchasing process.

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