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Our approach Plant Supply Chains

For the Groupe Rocher, a plant supply chain is a continuous line of development of a botanical raw material coming from a given geographic area, reliant on a close-knit network of known partners. It aims to ensure traceability and quality of the raw material at all stages of processing, right up to the finished product.

If the botanical world for us is a source of creation under constant renewal, it also nourishes our most resolute convictions: the respect of life on Earth, of the entire planet, with the mission of sustainably preserving its plant biodiversity.

Yves Rocher

Notre vision

Au Groupe Rocher, nous souhaitons avoir un regard sur la gestion de ces filières, parce que nous y avons une responsabilité. Nous articulons ainsi notre démarche de gestion respectueuse des filières végétales autour des 3 piliers :

approvisionner protéger partager

Groupe Rocher has signed the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter

On 5 April 2013, Yann de Feraudy, Groupe Rocher Operations Director, signed the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter at the Yves Rocher Eco-Hotel & Spa in La Gacilly, in the presence of the Prefect of Morbihan, Jean François Savy.

In signing this charter, the Groupe Rocher undertakes to implement and continuously improve upon ten best practices within its entities.

In this context, the Director of Groupe Rocher Risk Management, Internal Audit and Insurance has been appointed Mediator. 

Ensure financial fairness with suppliers
Facilitate collaboration between major customers and strategic suppliers
Reduce the risk of mutual dependency between customers and suppliers
Involve the major customers in their sector
Assess the total cost of the purchase
Take the environment into account
Ensure company territorial responsibility
Purchasing: a function and a process
A Purchasing function responsible for global management of supplier relations
Establish a coherent purchaser payment policy

This Charter, called "Charter of Ten Commitments for Responsible Purchasing", was created to solve the difficulties encountered by SMEs and VSEs in their relationships with their suppliers and to establish a climate of mutual trust.

The Charter can be consulted on the Responsible Supplier Relations website:

Code of conduct