Reconnect people to nature

Groupe Rocher Barometer Reconnect people to natureΒ©

Created in collaboration with BVA and involving 19,000 citizens in 19 countries, the Barometer demonstrates and quantifies the link between the connection to nature, trust and the daily well-being of citizens.

Iconic brands

Everyone has a story to tell with one of our brands. A story that changes, that can be passed down. And this has been going on for sixty years.

Four values keep us going and bring us together, naturally

Four values keep us going and bring us together, naturally

Commitment to nature

We are committed to finding and implementing the best possible solutions to reduce our impact on the environment, at every stage of our production process and distribution.

Respect for our communities

We share common values ​​and we are passionate about respecting cultural diversity in our relationships with our suppliers and partners all over the world.

Demanding on value creation

We are demanding in the outstanding quality of our research and delivery of products and services as well as in the efforts we make to respect the world around us.

Passion for well-being

We have a passion that drives us and can be felt in each and every one of our brands and creates a strong emotional connection with our customers.

Opportunities as great as your talents

Innovating to create products that truly care for our customers and our planet.

πŸ’š @arbonne hosted their third Global Day of Caring.

🌎 All Arbonne employees around the world came together for a day, trivialized for the occasion, to help communities through all kinds of actions.

πŸ—‘οΈπŸ€ In total, more than 200 volunteers in 5 different locations got involved, collecting 65kg of waste in 700 hours of volunteering!

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🧼 Dish Tabs: the mini tableware tablet that plays with the big boys!

♻️ Dish Tabs is only 12 grams, has a high performance, a 3 in 1 formula, is made with 91% of natural ingredients and has the @eco.label ccertification!

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🀝 Committed teams, a common goal and a lot of good will, that is what qualifies @sabonisrael members!

πŸ‘ About 100 participants from the headquarter, factories and stores participated in a beach clean-up to protect nature.

#GroupeRocher #ReconnectPeopleToNature #MissionDrivenCompany #RSE #CSR #BeachCleanUp #BeachCleaning #DontLitter #SustainableChallenge #SabonMoments
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☘️ The CSR Leaders of all Groupe Rocher brands, in France and internationally, are currently in La Gacilly to attend the first CSR summit of the year!

The objectives of this day? Getting together to share, project the CSR ambitions of the brands and experience moments of reconnection with nature.

🀝 A strong and projective moment, where everyone's contribution is important. CSR is also a way of seeing the company and business models as places that serve humans for their harmony!
#GroupeRocher #ReconnectPeopleToNature #MissionDrivenCompany #CSRSummit
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πŸ“ Our Sustainable Development team recently spent 2 days at La Gacilly to work on the CSR perspectives and challenges of our brands in the short, medium and long term.

🌳 A productive seminar and a great moment of reconnection with nature through an experience of "forest bathing", a sensory journey among the trees to feel the living, guided by @sylva_lyric organization.

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