Business For Nature’s Call to Action

Groupe Rocher signed up the Business For Nature’s Call to Action

Businesses and NGOs join forces to urge economic and political decision-makers to take action to protect the environment and biodiversity.

Nature is at a tipping point. The natural materials and ecosystems that power businesses, underpin economies and support healthy societies are under huge strain. Businesses have a big role to play in reversing nature loss. But businesses can only do so much on their own, and time is against us. Thus, at the initiative of Business for Nature, NGOs and companies are joining forces to launch a major Call to Action to scale and speed up business action. And they are calling on governments to adopt policies now to reverse nature loss in this decade. 

The members of this group hope to influence decision-makers as decisive deadlines approach, notably the IUCN World Conservation Congress in France (7 to 15 January 2021) and the Convention on Biological Diversity in China (2021). 

Signing this Call to Action is in line with our vision and our commitments, notably through becoming a Mission-Driven Company in December 2019. We welcome and join any initiative committed to preserving the environment and biodiversity, and hope to inspire other companies in our industry to follow this path to build a more resilient economy that is more respectful of people and of nature.

To learn more, let’s visit the website of the Business For Nature’s Call to Action

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