Groupe is committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities

Le 13 novembre 2019, Bris Rocher s’est engagé au nom du Groupe et a signé un manifeste pour l’inclusion des personnes handicapées dans la vie économique.

Cette signature répond à la sollicitation de la ministre Sophie Cluzel auprès de 150 grandes entreprises en octobre dernier. 

The 10 commitments

  1. The reception of disabled students in our companies, from the 9th grade onwards, to enable them to clearly imagine a professional future and to orient their studies;
  2. Access to the business world for disabled pupils and students, in particular through apprenticeships, work-study programmes and internships;
  3. Access to the recruitment interview for any application from people with disabilities who have the profile and skills for all available positions;
  4. The regular implementation of internal awareness-raising actions to combat stereotypes and discrimination against people with disabilities;
  5. The mobilization of all new employees around the challenges of disability in the workplace during their welcome and integration process;
  6. Optimizing access to business tools, particularly digital tools, for people with disabilities;
  7. The integration of "digital accessibility" into the design of information system master plans and the development of digital solutions;
  8. The development of economic commitments with Adapted Companies and Specialised Work Assistance Establishments in order to entrust them with orders and subcontracting missions that meet our quality requirements;
  9. The development of gateways with adapted companies and ESATs to enable the integration of disabled people in all companies;
  10. The integration of social criteria relating to disability and inclusion in calls for tenders and the prerequisites for subscribing to them, in order to engage all our partnersin this inclusive approach.


This commitment is deeply in line with the values promoted by our Group.