With Yves Rocher Foundation 
With Yves Rocher Foundation 

Plant for the planet becomes PLANT FOR LIFE

Once the Yves Rocher Foundation had achieved its 100 million trees target, they decided to rename their planting programme. The initiative is now called PLANT FOR LIFE: a new name to reflect our new ambitions. Because together, the adventure is set to continue and we must act and quickly! 

The Yves Rocher Foundation aim is to plant an additional 35 million trees by 2025, working hand-in-hand with their partner NGOs around the world and getting younger generations more closely involved. For they have a key role to play in taking action and raising awareness about the importance of reforestation.   


Deforestation is at an all-time high. In the past 30 years, around 420 million hectares of forestland have vanished around the world. That’s an entire football pitch every second.

And yet trees are our allies. Climate change, soil erosion, pandemics, the destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity... Our societies have created a world that urgently needs regenerating. By planting trees, we’re providing a multifaceted response to the complex crisis that is now afoot. 

100 reasons and more to plant trees… 

With its #PLANTFORLIFE campaign 100 reasons to plant a tree, the Yves Rocher Foundation would like to ask everyone about the good reasons they would have to plant a tree ... 

Some of these reasons are universal, others are more personal. Some may be rooted in ecology, and others in the economy. Some benefit humankind, while others serve the animal kingdom. Some are national, others regional, and some will yield results for today, while others will bear fruit in the future. All of them foster life. 


PLANT FOR LIFE is first and foremost a manifesto co-written by the Yves Rocher Foundation team of planters and the NGOs and association partners. Together, they advocate a shared desire to plant trees that foster life with local communities.