Let's prepare for our encounter

We share common values within our brands, our professions, and in all our actions, both in France and abroad

Bris Rocher
CEO of Groupe Rocher

Express your talent

If you are preselected for an interview, it means that, on paper, you undoubtedly have the skills we are looking for. But that’s not the whole picture!
We don’t believe in the perfect candidate, but your personality, your force of character, and your commitments will enrich our company.
So put your best foot forward and we’ll figure out a way to grow together.

Every experience, good or bad, shapes you

We care about listening to our candidates in interviews.
Share your concrete experiences, highlight your successes, and illustrate the challenges you have faced and how you overcame them.

Our company is looking for passionate people and our employees are the strongest pillars of this commitment! Tell us about your convictions, your daily commitments, and your actions for the planet.

Nature is our future

Mr Yves Rocher

Focus on our hiring method

Do you think the hiring process should be simple, quick, and pleasant?
We do too!

Our international Group boasts the ability to offer a consistent experience for candidates that respects each party’s need for quick decision-making.

We contact you for your first phone call.
You are invited to meet us physically or virtually. 

  • DAY 1: meeting with HR & Manager 
  • DAY 2: meeting with General manager and HRM

You convinced us: welcome on board!

If our appointments do not materialize, we are committed to a constructive exchange.

Let's be ready

A successful interview requires proper preparation.

Before we meet, we will have studied your approach by closely examining your résumé, your cover letter, and your application. We will be excited to learn more about your professional goals.

We’re counting on you to learn about our Group.

Choose the information that reflects your own centers of interest. It will make what you say more meaningful!

Finally, don’t limit your research to the company. Also endeavor to learn about its ecosystem, including its customers, its competitors, and innovations in the sector.

Your questions will help you leave the interview with a complete vision of the Group and the job.

We will be able to imagine a future together!

BEcause we care