Biomass to heat our Breton plants

Discover the backstage of our production sites in La Gacilly

The Youtube video maker Evan de Bretagne visited our production sites in Brittany to highlight our biomass heating system. Biomass is a renewable energy that covers today 90% of our heating needs, while the remaining 10% comes from biogas and mainly fills our consumption peaks during the year.

Go behind the scenes

Evan starts his visit in the Atelier des Eaux Florales, before discovering our wood boiler. He then goes to our logistics site where nearly 33,000 packages are shipped every day. The visit ends in our laboratory, the FabLab.

Follow him in his discovery:

Biomass, a renewable energy

To produce biomass heating, we use forestry waste. It is wood from pruning and local forests management, always with the objective of reducing our carbon footprint. Note that wood is the first source of renewable energy in France, but more globally, biomass is all organic matter that can be used to produce energy.

Thanks to biomass, we save 1,400 tons of CO2 per year compared to a conventional gas boiler. That's the equivalent of the gas emissions of a car driven 140 times around the world.

And the fumes from combustion are filtered to avoid releasing fine particles into the atmosphere.

Reducing our carbon emissions with biomass

This is part of the DNA of the Group, whose strategy is to achieve carbon sobriety rather than carbon compensation. To this end, our objectives are to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities and to develop renewable energies.

In addition, the Group is working to ensure that all sites in Brittany are heated with biomass. And to go even further, our objective is to develop a sustainable wood supply chain with our local farmers in order to support them in replanting hedges and forests.

To find out more, visit the article dedicated to our 2030 carbon ambitions.

About Evan de Bretagne

Evan Adelinet, aka Evan de Bretagne, is a blogger and columnist. He has been travelling around Brittany for years and publishes videos on social networks.