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Reconnect people to nature
Reconnect people to nature

Reconnect people to nature

After a year marked by episodic lockdowns and an uncertain business environment, the irrepressible need to get closer to nature, to rethink it, to reintegrate it into our urbanized, digitalized lifestyles, has become a fundamental quest for each of us.

During this special and unique period, it is thanks to our resilience and adaptability that we have been able to strengthen our ties, tighten them, and reaffirm our values. These values, which drive us on every day, are the cornerstone of our mission: to reconnect men and women to nature.

Since 1959, our philosophy has remained intact. It is in order to keep it alive, particularly through our mission, that we will continue to surpass ourselves and give meaning to our commitments. We now know that it is by taking care of nature that we take care of ourselves.

In this singular context and this desire to constantly surpass ourselves, how can we reconcile our mission with our ambition for 2030? This ambition for 2030 has several essential aspects: taking care of our communities, being more transparent, reducing our environmental impact by developing frugal innovation and maintaining our territorial roots by protecting our local ecosystems. We should enter together into the era of post-mission brands, those that have put their raison d'être at the heart of their actions.

Bris Rocher

Chief Executive Officer