Reduce the impact of our transportation

Ever more determined to reduce our environmental impact!
Ever more determined to reduce our environmental impact!

Act for our 2030 CSR Ambitions

Groupe Rocher has been acting for several years to preserve the environment and fight against climate change. And we are continuing our actions with strong CSR ambitions for 2030.

For several years, the Group has been taking action to improve our carbon impact for our goods transport, such as through the delivery of alĺ of the Parisian stores of the Yves Rocher brand with alternative fuels (either in electric vehicles or in CNG vehicles, a natural gas used as fuel).

And since 2019, we have therefore committed, through our Low Carbon Strategy, to reducing the environmental impact of transport and first of all by participating in the FRET21 approach. Groupe Rocher has thus set itself the mission of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions related to the road transport of its goods to its European customers by 6% by 2023 (scope 3*).

More information on the Fret 21 website

And on the page dedicated to our commitments for more sustainable transport

Our teams, mobilized and committed with our stakeholders (Dachser, Db Schenker, Vert Chez Vous, Ducros) have been ensuring the energy transition of road freight transport for several years.

In concrete terms, by 2023, 55% of French stores will be delivered by a fleet of vehicles running on green energy. That's more than one store in two!

How will this be achieved?

Among these 55% of stores delivered by vehicles running on renewable energy, these are vehicles mainly powered by bioNGV (more than 44% of our transport), more than 23% running on OLEO100 and 10% running with an electric mix, NGV and light vehicles with electric assistance.

Why is this important?

Because electric power allows a 100% reduction of our emissions, OLEO100 allows a 58% reduction and bioNGV a 78% reduction!

The use of these alternative fuels allows us to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to the supply of our stores throughout the territory.

And we are pursuing our commitments and our low-carbon approach, ever more determined to reduce our environmental impact.