Water Ambitions 2030

Agir pour réduire nos consommations d’eau
Agir pour réduire nos consommations d’eau

L'eau un enjeu mondial

One third of the world's population is deprived of drinking water.

This "water stress" is a scourge that can affect indifferently desert regions as well as the large megacities of the Western world.

Protecting water resources!

Water management is a major issue for The Groupe Rocher, which strives to preserve this precious resource throughout its value chain. The group's priority is to manage water resources responsibly at its production sites through

  • Controlling the quality of wastewater and monitoring facilities to avoid any water pollution in the natural environment;
  • Optimizing water consumption at its industrial sites.
  • Most of the sites obtain their water from the local municipal network. The two Petit Bateau textile production sites use water directly pumped from the water table.

What has already been done:

Set up of the concentrate/dilute process at Villes Geffs (our cosmetic production plant in Brittany) allowing the reduction of water consumption by 2000 m3 over 2020. This process has also allowed us to save 3% of water and 5% of electricity

And we are continuing our efforts!

Our ambitions with regard to water are to:

  • Reduce by 20% the water consumption of our Breton plants by 2025
  • Reduction by 50% our textile plant in the Aube region
  • And reduction by 20% across all sites globally (total) by 2025

Without water, there is no life: the availability of water is essential to our vital needs but also to the functioning of our societies!

We can all act to preserve our water resources!