Data analyst


Our teams let data do the talking, enabling others to make the best possible decisions. The various stages of Data Quality, Data Science and Data Analysis enable us to provide the most relevant data.

For example, our teams in collaboration with their colleagues in CRM are constructing an increasingly personalized customer experience, based on our clients’ data and purchasing habits.

Our omnichannel business models (retail, e-commerce, social selling, etc.) and the digital transformation that the Group is undergoing all represent challenges for our teams – for which the stakes are becoming increasingly high.


You are passionate about figures, possess an inquiring mind, have your eyes peeled for innovation, and are keen to assist your more novice counterparts with the data challenges of their respective fields.

Careers (prospects)

Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Visualization, Data Quality – the areas of expertise are numerous and continually changing, giving you the possibility to diversify your career within our various brands and many foreign subsidiaries.