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Human Resources

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Human Resources


The days when “Human Resources” was just an administrative department are long gone.

Our Group’s growth, our presence in more than 120 countries, our innovations, and all our successes can be credited to the dynamic, devoted employees who achieve our goals!

That’s why we are intent on hiring talented, passionate, committed people all around the world.

Every day, the HR ambassadors implement the company’s strategy with the employees, ensuring their personal and professional well-being. Guidance, training, career management, mobility, and accessibility are the pillars of our HR strategy.

The Human Resources department works closely with the internal communications department for the closest possible relationship with our employees.


Communication, listening skills, discretion, innovation, and an open mind are the personality traits we’re looking for in Groupe Rocher’s Human Resources department.

Jobs (evolutions)

HR hiring and development manager, Campus Manager, Human Resources Director or Manager, Training Manager, HR Information Systems Manager, Compensation & Benefits, Labor Relations Manager, Personnel Administration Manager... the list goes on. In France and abroad, the array of jobs in this field create a complex, multi-layered context for our projects.

Insurances Departement


A passion for sharing and applying the full scope of Insurance expertise is needed to fulfil the Group’s requirements as client! All aspects in the life of an insurance program are dealt with, for all branches of P&C insurance: structure and placement of programs, supervision and operational management of all stages of the annual contract lifecycle, end-to-end handling of claims through to feedback, deployment of prevention plans, risk assessment visits, and project and action plan tracking.

There is also ongoing interaction with a broad panel of stakeholders! Not just the market players – the brokers, insurers, lawyers and experts – but primarily also the Group operational divisions and other support departments, such as finance, risk management, legal affairs, tax, HR, etc., both in France and internationally, and with all Group brands.

Therefore it is clear that joining the Groupe Rocher Insurances Department is a unique opportunity to work in all areas of the profession with all the stakeholders concerned.


An ability to see the big picture as well as perform precision analysis, an appetite for figures as well as contract drafting, being a source of ideas backed with real listening skills – are all qualities required in this field, for which reliability and efficacy are of utmost importance.

You must be adaptable, enjoy teamwork and possess a solid level of English in order to join the Group Insurances team.

Careers (prospects)

The role of Insurance Officer is suited to both junior and more established profiles, given the variety of insurance programs and missions involved.
Autonomy in the role increases in line with the acquisition of technical skills and the ability to work in collaboration.

Can we ever say that we have done everything there is to do in this field, given the continued changes in line with the Group’s development?