Innovation & Development

Innovation & Développement


At the crossroads of science and life, the cross-disciplinary actions of the I&D department allow you to evolve within an array of scientific branches. Ethnobotany, chemistry, agronomy, phytochemistry, skin biology, safety, microscopy, physico-chemistry, formulation, metrology, rheology, evaluation... Join our enthusiastic teams to dream up the products of tomorrow.


You are curious, open-minded, and meticulous. You have a solid scientific and/or technical background gained from your schooling or your previous experience. You are innovative, responsible, and committed to inventing affordable, environmentally-friendly products suited to the needs of every single one of our customers. 

Jobs (evolutions)

Head of research, formulator, evaluator, formulation technician, cosmetovigilance manager... Whichever position you occupy at Groupe Rocher, it will be the beginning of a colorful story you’ll build over the course of months and years. The possibilities for professional evolution are numerous, in I&D and in other departments, in France and abroad. (Note: should we really keep the notion of “international” in view of the fact that I&D has no international roles to date within the Group?)